Jake Carr

Name: Jake Carr

Course: Level 3 Sport (Performance & Excellence)

Playing position: Centre midfield

Previous school: Sandhill View Academy

Sports Development Centre: Football

Club team: Plains Farms Yellow

Jake describes the Sports Development Centre as competitive, organised and professional. He has played football competitively since he was 6-years-old. He currently plays for Plains Farms Yellow and Foundation of Light.

He said:

“I was recommended to come here by a friend. I decided to look further into it, which made me decide to study here. The College’s Sports Development Centre was very important in my decision as it was the primary pulling factor which made me study at the college.

The best thing about the Sport Development Centre is the improvements it provides in physical and mental fitness. The sports facilities are very modern, and provide a good basis to be able to perform. The Sports Development Centre has helped me further develop by continuous and daily training.”

Jake hopes to become a PE teacher or anything competitive in sport.