Tom Green

Name: Tom Green

Playing position: SK

Club team: Lumley FC

Course: Level 3 Sports & Performance

Previous school: Castle View Enterprise Academy

Tom was at Newcastle academy for 2 years from age 14 to 16 and then signed for South Shields. He describes the Sport development Centre as professional, motivating and enjoyable.

He said:

“I decide to study at Sunderland College to get the results I want. In addition to being able to play football whilst studying, which keeps me happy and motivated.

Football is what I want to do as a career and the Sport Development Centre can only make me better. I have excellent coaches around me to help me get better and I have the drive and motivation to do that.

The best thing is the enjoyment and the professionalism within the club at South Shields.”

Tom hopes to make a living playing football and be the best footballer he can be.