Emily Burton

Name: Emily Burton

Playing position: CH

Club team: Washington AFC Ladies

Course: Level 3 Sports & Performance

Previous school: Biddick Academy

Emily currently plays for Washington AFC Ladies first team. She describes the Sport Development Centre as professional and aspirational.

She said:

“Prior to joining Sunderland College, there were several open events for me to see what the college was like. The balance between playing football and education was equal and I liked the idea of being able to play the sport I love and learn about sport at the same time.

The Sport Development Centre was very important when making my decision about joining the college. The facilities are outstanding and knowing that I am able to use them, definitely helped me make my decision. The college has facilities that other places don’t, which makes me feel privileged to attend Sunderland College.

The staff are always there when you need them and they are always pushing you as an individual to get the highest grades possible.”

Emily plans to work in the sports industry to help disadvantaged people get involved in sport.