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The Real Project

The Real Project at Sunderland College

Here at Sunderland College we help young people realise their potential. Our Real Project programme does just that, offering 14-16 year olds the opportunity to ‘test-drive’ different careers whilst gaining real skills, real opportunities and real experience.

To achieve this The Real Project has three key strands that can assist learners:

• Excellence: Learners work on a programme that has a GCSE equivalency or carries performance measures.

>> Vocational programmes are aimed at learners who have a commitment to their development and a career pathway in mind. Qualifications will include an end exam and will include an element of independent portfolio work. These programmes will be at least 120 GLH and learners will require advice and guidance before they start.

• Experience: Industry relevant vocational qualifications.

>> The focus will be on developing practical capabilities and recording evidence in a portfolio. A large proportion of time will be utilised in real working environments. Learners are given the opportunity to gain qualifications either in a taster or extended capacity to assist in a gaining a job in their chosen vocational area.

• Engagement: A taster / infill programme.

>> With less of a focus on gaining longer qualifications and more emphasis on engaging in education, progression can be achieved through a variety of vocational tasters or encouraging personal and social development.

Learners will be given the opportunity to work in a vocational environment relevant to their chosen career pathway. Where necessary learners may need to undertake additional placements in the community to gain valuable life skills and work readiness.

All enrolments will be made in partnership with a learners school. We currently have programmes in Construction, Motor Vehicle, Catering, Hair & Beauty, Sport and Public Uniform Services, but we welcome the opportunity to offer more programmes that are reflective of the College’s 16+ offer. Delivery can be flexible and will be offered on a block basis, short or long term; dependant on your requirements.

For further information call 0191 511 6000 and ask for the Engagement Team or email theengagementteam@sunderlandcollege.ac.uk