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Degree Finance

If you’re worried about the cost of higher education, it might help to know there are a range of finance options available when studying at Sunderland College. These range from tuition fee loans, which you only have to repay when you earn a certain amount, to grants, which you don’t have to pay back.

Tuition Fee Loans

As a full or part time higher education student at Sunderland College you don’t have to pay any tuition fees up front.

Instead you can take out a tuition fee loan from Student Finance England. This loan will only need to be paid back once you’ve completed your course and only when you start earning over £21,000 a year.

You can find out more information about applying for a higher education student loan on the Student Finance England website.

Help for Full Time Students

In addition to the tuition fee loan, full time students are also entitled to a Maintenance Loan for living costs. You may have to give details of your household income. EU students can’t apply for Maintenance Loans. The loan is paid directly into your bank account at the start of term. You have to pay the loan back.

Full-time student Loan available for 2016-17 academic year
Living at home Up to £6,904
Living away from home, outside London Up to £8,200
Living away from home, in London Up to £10,702
You spend a year of a UK course studying abroad Up to £9,391

Continuing Full-time Students

For continuing full-time students, your funding arrangements will remain the same as academic year 2015-16.

Higher Education Travel Bursary

This is a bursary to provide free term time travel within Tyne and Wear to full time ‘home’ students.

A ‘home’ student is somebody who has been ordinarily resident in the UK for three years prior to the start of their course.

Any Questions?

Our dedicated Welfare Team can help with any of your questions and even assist with applications, call the Welfare Team on 0191 511 6000 or email studentservices@sunderlandcollege.ac.uk for more information.