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Dancing on to the national stage

Sunderland College Usworth campus student, Rosie Roof, has won a place on the Department for Education’s Music and Dance Scheme. The course is recognised as one of the UK’s best dance programmes. When not studying Rosie is busy training at Newcastle’s Dance City.

<p>A talent for dancing has led to a Washington teenager achieving a place on the Department for Education’s Music and Dance Scheme.</p>
<p>Recognised as one of the top potential dancers in the country, Rosie Roof, 16, has been awarded a place on the national Music and Dance Scheme. The Department for Education’s course is recognised as one of the UK’s best dance programmes.</p>
<p>Rosie said: “I was ecstatic when I got an invitation to audition for a place on the programme and I couldn’t believe it when I was accepted!”</p>
<p>The Department for Education scheme takes only the top dancers from across the country and offers world-class specialist training. Its aim is to give the talented young people the best chance at being able to pursue careers in the performing arts.</p>
<p>Rosie, a straight-A student studying biology, chemistry, maths and dance at Sunderland College’s Usworth campus, has been able to continue with her studies while training on the scheme, held at Newcastle’s Dance City.</p>
<p>Rosie said: “It’s important to me that I keep working on my A Levels. We only train out-of-hours which means I can still focus on getting good grades. I go to college during the day and then to training at Dance City after that. It can get a bit tough, there’s a lot of work to fit in to a day, but I’ve seen a real improvement in my dancing and my grades are still good.”</p>
<p>Rosie’s tutor at Sunderland College’s Usworth campus, Nicola Gorgon said: “Rosie is an incredibly dedicated and gifted student. We’re immensely proud of what she is achieving, both academically and with her dancing.”</p>
<p>Dance City’s Centre for Advanced Training is one of 9 centres across the country that runs dance programmes for the Department for Education music and dance scheme. The centre is dedicated to nurturing the skills of those like Rosie who have been identified as having exceptional potential for dance.</p>
<p>Julie Campbell, manager of the Centre for Advanced Training said: “Rosie is a highly gifted and talented young dancer who genuinely deserves her place on this scheme.”</p>
<p>Rosie also has some big things of her own on the horizon, she said: “I’m currently working on a project with my dance group FLA5H. We’ve got something huge planned for January 2012 to raise money for Cancer Research. It’s all secret for the time being, just make sure you keep an eye out for us at The Bridges in Sunderland and The Gate in Newcastle very soon!”</p>

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