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The Caucasian Chalk Circle

The Caucasian Chalk Circle

You're invited to the Foundation Degree drama students performance of The Caucasian Chalk Circle at the end of May.

The play follows the Governor’s wife fleeing the city of Nuka after her husband is executed, leaving her son and heir behind. It will take you on her journey, following the sacrifices she makes and decisions she faces in order to protect her child. Written by Bertolt Brecht, it raises questions of nature vs nurture, sacrifice and justice.

Free performances will take place at Shiney Row Campus on Wednesday the 30th of May and Thursday the 31st of May at 13:30. An evening performance will also take place on the evening of the Thursday at 18:30, with tickets costing £1.00

For more information and to book tickets, please contact Gemma Whelam on 0191 511 6123


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