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Great careers advice – automatically!

Students at Sunderland College will be able to cash in on all the best advice from the National Careers Service thanks to an ‘ATM’ with a difference.

<p>The College becomes the first in the UK to have a National Careers Service automated Information Point or ‘i-Kiosk’. The touch-screen point allows students to gain vital careers information from the National Careers Service website and other related websites from skills diagnostics to CV building.</p>
<p>There is also a direct telephone link to a team of careers advisors through the National Careers Service Helpline</p>
<p>Jonny Wright, Regional Manager of the National Careers Service was on hand to show the College’s Director of Student Services, Dave Riddell, how to use the state-of-the-art technology.</p>
<p>He said: “The i-Kiosks are a great use of technology – they mean that students can have all the careers information they need – literally at their fingertips.</p>
<p>“It is really important that students looking to inform their choices while attending college, or those actively seeking work, have the most up-to-date and relevant information. This is a great way of ensuring they have access to it at all times.”</p>
<p>Dave said: “As we all know it is a very competitive jobs market at the moment and students need to make the right choices to enable them to pursue their preferred careers.</p>
<p>“Sunderland College wants to do everything it can to ensure its students have the edge and by working with the National Careers Service we have brought this innovative idea to the College.”</p>
<p>The i-Kiosk is situated in the Learning Centre at the Shiney Row campus.</p>

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