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Students take to the stage at Customs House

Foundation Degree Dance and Drama students to perform at 'Change the Game'

On Wednesday 23rd January 2012 our Foundation Degree Drama and Dance students will be taking to the stage to perform at the Customs House in South Shields.

The performance is called ‘Change The Game’ and it focuses on relevant, current events in Uganda around the head of the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Group) Joseph Kony and his war crimes. Our students wanted to explore, as part of their degree, political issues that can be presented in a theatrical forum creating the audience leaving being aware of who Joseph Kony is but also what is going on at present as a result of Kony’s barbaric actions.

Change The Game - Foundation Degree student performance at The Customs House

The audience will explore a variety of scenes that will captivate them through emotive imagery. Characters and situations are told through a narrative that is visually powerful interlinking contemporary physical theatre and multimedia to help the story flow creating a performance for people who want to be entertained as well as educated.

In the build up to the event the cast and crew will be posting behind the scenes pictures and performance updates on their official Facebook Page giving you a unique insight in to the production process.

Tickets can be bought online for only £7.50 from The Customs House website


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