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vInspired Talent

vInspired Talent at Sunderland College

vInspired Talent is back at Sunderland College offering you the chance to get vital volunteer experience for your C.V

The 24 week programme gives 16-25 year old students the chance to get a meaningful personalised volunteer placement that can support you into employment, education or training.

While on the vInspired Talent programme at Sunderland College you will:

  • Gain a relevant qualification
  • Get involved with a Social Action Project
  • Get a £250 Personal Development Grant
  • Get support to move on in to employment, education or training

As a volunteer on vInspired Talent you’ll also be provided with travel and meal costs.

Placements are starting from Monday the 15th of July and we’re taking applications all the way up to the 26th.

To sign up or to find out more please call 0191 511 6000 or send us an email.

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