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Free ‘flu vaccination 2014

Following the high uptake of the winter flu vaccines over the last two years and the positive feedback we have received from staff, the College will be offering a FREE flu vaccination for all staff again this year.

The ‘flu virus circulates every winter and it is believed that in an average year 20-30% of all workers contract ‘flu. The immunisation we are offering will protect against ‘flu and will last for 1 year. It also has the inclusion of the H1N1 Strain (Swine Flu).

If you would like an appointment for the winter flu vaccination, please read the information below and complete the form.

You should not have the vaccine if you:

•             are allergic either to hens eggs or chicken

•             have had a reaction to a previous ‘flu jab

•             are pregnant or trying for a baby

•             are allergic to the following antibiotics (ONLY): Polymixin, Neomycin, Gentamicin

•             feel unwell, have a temperature or an infection

Please be aware that the ‘flu vaccine does not cause ‘flu symptoms.

All responses must be submitted by Friday 12th September 2014.

We will contact you with times and dates for appointments once we have received all of the responses.

If you have any queries please contact a member of the HRM Team on ext: 04112.

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