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Music student donates EP proceeds to charity

Shaun Chipp has released an EP in aid of Cancer Research UK

A teenage singer songwriter from Sunderland has released his first EP in a bid to raise hundreds of pounds for charity.

Sunderland College student, Shaun Chipp, has combined popular and world music to create his four-track Mortemulo EP in aid of Cancer Research UK.

He originally set the fundraising target at £150 but thanks to support from family, friends and members of the public, this figure has already doubled – and he is hoping the donations will keep flooding in.

Shaun, aged 19, said: “The support I have already received has been amazing and I’m really happy that the original target has been met. I’ve always wanted to release an EP, and when I decided to go ahead and do it, I felt that donating all the proceeds to charity was just the right thing to do.”

The talented student composed and produced Mortemulo as part of his Foundation Degree in Applied Music Practice course, and released the EP earlier this month after working on the project for eight months.

Shaun, from Town End Farm in Sunderland, created the unique world-meets-pop music sound of his EP using instruments from across the globe such as Indian sitars, Chinese zithers and Latin and African percussion.

He added: “The brief for the project was to do anything music-related, so it gave me the chance to create an EP that would be universally enjoyed and would appeal to people of all races and cultures. Mortemulo means normal man or mortal in Esperanto, which reflects the theme of the EP and the individual tracks – they are composed to appeal to the masses.

“I originally composed the songs on an acoustic guitar and then developed the sounds as I went along. I have a diverse taste in music, and after studying different types of music at the college, I thought it would be great to popularise world music as it’s not something that is often heard in mainstream music.”

Shaun, who plans to go to university after completing his course, hopes to launch a career in songwriting and is also interested in teaching. He said: “Composing the EP has been a massive new experience for me. I have improved lots of my music and production skills, which are transferrable and will help my music career in the future. Although it was quite a challenge, I feel very proud to have released Mortemulo and to have raised almost £300 for Cancer Research UK.”

Tony Wilson, music lecturer, said: “Shaun is an absolute credit to the music department. He has worked exceptionally hard and his EP project is yet another example of the many opportunities presented on our foundation degree programme which develops our students’ chosen vocational path.”

The EP can be downloaded for free here and people can donate to Cancer Research UK via Shaun’s JustGiving page.

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