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Students take on the Lake District

A-Level Geography students have enjoyed a field trip to the Lake District to engage in three days of practical activity in the area.

The AS Students were required to focus on two topics whilst in the Lake District, which were ‘Changing Places’ and ‘Coasts’. Students were tasked with investigating how Keswick has become the UK’s Adventure Capital and also collecting data on how a spit changes morphology along its course.

The field trip was a chance for students to engage in practical concepts first introduced to them in the classroom. Being able to experience the natural and human environment first hand allowed them to see geographical processes in action for themselves. The content and experience of this field trip is to be used in students’ end-of-year exams, and will construct the foundations to underpin their second year Geography coursework.

Adam Sams, Sunderland Sixth Form Curriculum Manager & Geography Lecturer said:

“The geographical setting of the Lake District is perfect and really helps students to get to grips with and understand the environments many have only seen in photos in a classroom. The practical aspect of the course is very important so that the students have a chance to learn by seeing and doing.”

Jade Hall, A-Level Geography student added:

“It great to visit the Lake District on a field trip, taking part in some practical work has really helped with my learning. When we walked along the spit, we could see the salt marsh behind – it really helped me understand how the spit and the river estuary create this landform.”

If you are interested in choosing Geography as an A-Level subject, you can find out more information by clicking here.

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