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Students brush up on their crime scene skills

Public Services students recently took part in a mock crime scene and had the chance to investigate searching for any potential evidence to try and trace potential suspects.

The activity provided students with real world examples of responding to emergency incidents, how to search crime scenes effectively and helped to develop skills to ensure evidence is not contaminated during any search process.

The crime scene was set up in the colleges brand new Health Hub, which includes a 3 bed hospital ward, treatment room and a self-contained apartment which was perfect for using as a mock crime scene.

Chris McMahon, Sunderland College Lecturer in Public Services said:

“This activity was very useful for the students as it provided them with the opportunity to take the knowledge that they have learnt in the classroom, forward into real life scenarios. Hopefully this will also give the students a taste of what crime scene investigation would be like if they gain employment and join the Police in the future.”

Karen Cummings, Level 3 Public Services student added:

“This lesson was very fun and we learnt a variety of new things. I have been able to broaden my skills and knowledge, along with being provided with a real insight into the kind of work I will be doing at university next year.”

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