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Welding students assist with college theatre repairs

Sunderland College Welding students recently had the opportunity to assist the college theatre technician in repairing support brackets for theatre seating.

The students were tasked with working out the most suitable manner in which to repair the brackets. This gave the students in question an opportunity to work with a live design brief with a set deadline, knowing that their work would be visible in the theatre when finished  only spurred the students on to produce work of high quality. The opportunity was a great chance for students to develop their skills, communication and work readiness further.

Steven Gardner, Sunderland College Welding Lecturer said:

“Being able to give the students a task that is from a client that has to be completed on time and to a high standard gives them a better idea of the way that engineering works. This opportunity has given them a small insight into the way they will work once they complete their programme, when we get compliments praising the work of the students it really makes the job worthwhile!”

Ryan Harland, Level 1 Welding Student added:

“Being given the chance to demonstrate the skills I have learnt during my time at college has given me a real confidence boost. It’s great to be able to show the other people in the college what we do in the welding classes.”

Bam Place, Theatre Technician continued:

“The students did a fantastic job, I can’t thank them enough for agreeing to help out. Well done all!”

The students are looking forward to the next job they can help out with in the college to develop their skills further again.

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