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Directions students enjoy visit to Centre for Life

Some of our directions students recently enjoyed a visit to the Centre for Life in Newcastle with Together for Children.

The students got to experience travelling by bus and Metro and took part in a range of activities in the Centre for Life. They worked towards improving their skills and understanding in areas that act as barriers to further study and employment.

The visit helped develop the Foundation Learning students’ independence and confidence, as well as giving them experience travelling outside of Sunderland. It also gave them the opportunity to exercise their social skills and safety awareness when using public transport.

Together for Children will be continuing to work with the students in 2020 as they look to develop their skills and experiences further.

Pauline Stevens, Children’s Participation and Engagement Officer, said: “It has been a pleasure to work with the Foundation Learners this term and the highlight was our trip to the Centre for Life in Newcastle. The students decided upon the activity themselves through discussions and voting.”

Jack Munneke, Directions student, said: “It was fantastic at the Centre for Life, I really enjoyed it.”


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