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Gender Pay Gap Report

At Sunderland College our pay approach is to treat all our staff fairly irrespective of gender.

In terms of our approach to pay we operate structured salary spines for each job role, irrespective of gender. The College adheres to the Living Wage Foundation and we are committed to continuing with this.

We see ourselves as a supportive employer that offers a range of flexible working opportunities for our employees, such as term-time only (TTO) working and part-time hours. This meets our business needs but is also supportive of those employees who require flexibility for a whole range of reasons including childcare. Statistically of our TTO staff 89% are female.

You will see in our report that we have higher proportions of females that lie within quartiles 1 and 2. These are the quartiles which have lower paid salaries and include cleaning and canteen/refectory (in common with the rest of the UK). Understandably each person will have their own reasons for working in these roles, however it may include the fact that these roles are Term-Time only or part-time roles, these hours will suit women with childcare responsibilities.

Within our sector there are specific subjects that are more difficult to recruit to which means that on occasion a Market Rate supplement is required. Areas such areas as Multi-skilled trades and Engineering predominantly attract male applicants and again this is reflective of gender imbalances that exist in these areas nationally.

Staff development is key for all staff and we are keen to offer career progression opportunities to all employees who wish to progress. All our job adverts are open to internal candidates.

Actions we will take

The College is satisfied that the differences are not due to the underpayment of women in roles similar to male colleagues. We will continue to monitor this and we will undertake a review of;

  • A workforce analysis to include our terms and conditions across the organisation.
  • Our approach to reward and recognition.
  • Our recruitment practise to see if we can encourage more female staff to apply at senior levels and into male dominated academic subjects.
  • Unconscious bias training for all staff who are involved in recruitment.

Naomi Robson, Director of People and Organisational Development

Download the Sunderland College Gender Pay Report

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