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Gender Pay Gap Report

Within the College we have a strong focus on inclusivity and equality and diversity. We recognise the benefits a diverse college community brings, the greater the mix of people, the greater the mix of knowledge, skills, perspectives and ideas that can be drawn upon.

Why do we have a gender pay gap?

The make-up of staffing within the College has not changed significantly in the last year in terms of the male/female ratio. The College still employs a higher proportion of female than male staff, 62% to 38%.

We have more females occupying senior roles within the organisation, reflected in the upper middle and upper quartiles.

Conversely you will see in our report that we have higher proportions of females that lie within quartiles 1 and 2. These are the quartiles which have lower paid salaries and include cleaning and canteen/refectory (in common with the rest of the UK).

38% of our entire workforce are part-time or term time only (excluding teaching staff).

Of this 82% are female and 18% are male. Demonstrating that we have more part-time and term time opportunities largely being filled by women.

Actions we will take

The College is satisfied that the differences are not due to the underpayment of women in roles similar to male colleagues. We will continue to monitor this and we will undertake a review of;

  • Our internal recruitment process to ascertain how candidates progress through the stages
  • A workforce analysis to include our terms and conditions across the organisation.
  • The exit rates by grades and gender of staff across the reporting year.
  • Our recruitment practise to see if we can encourage more female staff to apply into male dominated academic subjects.
  • Unconscious bias training for all staff who are involved in recruitment.

Naomi Robson, Director of People and Organisational Development

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