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Committee Structure

The Board currently operates the following statutory committees:

Audit Committee

George Blyth – Chair

Celia Gofton

Ann Hodgson

Paul McEldon (Chair from September 2018)

Ellen Thinnesen (as required)


Governance Committee

Rob Lawson (Chair)

Ralph Saelzer

George Blyth

Paul McEldon

Tom Crompton

Ellen Thinnesen


The following committees have also been established:

Curriculum & Quality Committee

Ann Hodgson – Vice Chair

Ralph Saelzer – Chair

Emma Bass

June Cramman

Joseph Parkinson

HE Student Observer

Ellen Thinnesen

Resources & Capital Projects Committee

Tom Crompton (Chair from September 2018)

Rob Lawson

Paul McEldon – Chair

Ralph Saelzer

Emma Bass

Ellen Thinnesen