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Committee Structure

The Board currently operates the following statutory committees:


George Blyth (Chair), Cllr Louise Farthing, Catherine Magog, David Towns

Finance, Resources & Projects

Paul McEldon (Chair), Richard Dale (co-opted), Andrew Ferguson, Julia Fox, Rob Lawson, Simon Patterson, Neil Salvesen, Ellen Thinnesen


Rob Lawson (Chair), John Barnett, George Blyth, Tom Crompton, Paul McEldon, Ellen Thinnesen

Board of Corporation:

John Barnett, George Blyth, Tom Crompton, Louise Doyle, Cllr Louise Farthing, Rob Lawson (Chair), Paul McEldon, Zainab Nadeem (SU President), Ralph Saelzer, Ellen Thinnesen, Susan Pollard

Northumberland Local Governing Board, including Northumberland Curriculum & Quality (members identified with CQ):

Tom Crompton (Chair), Ian Brown, Dawn Chadwick (HE) (CQ), Louise Doyle, Andrew Ferguson, Nigel Harrett (CQ), Jeff Hope, John Holmes, Kerry Patterson, Neil Salvesen, Alison Shaw (CQ), Holly Thompson (CQ), David Towns, Student Governor (FE) (CQ), Sara Sawyer (CQ)

Sunderland Local Governing Board, including Sunderland Curriculum & Quality (members identified with CQ):

John Barnett (Chair), Ralph Saelzer (Vice Chair) (CQ), Jill Colbert (CQ), June Cramman (CQ)*, Julia Fox, Catherine Magog, Simon Patterson, K Ramanathas, Ellen Thinnesen (Interim) (CQ), Amanda Whitehead (CQ), 2 x Governor vacant, Nathan Jones (HE) (CQ), Eve Cooper (FE) (CQ), Helen Willey (CQ)