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Our Core Values and Behaviours

As one team we would expect each other to maintain high standards of professional conduct and not only fulfil our duties within the organisation, but also in how we engage in public activities outside of the working environment.


Core Values

We should all expect to pursue excellence in all that we do. Our values are important to the success of the organisation and we all should aspire to embrace and embed them as follows:



To act with professionalism at all times and consistently deliver high quality education

We will:

  • strive at all times to discharge responsibilities honestly, courteously, effectively and efficiently.
  • observe and comply with all College rules, regulations, policies and procedures.
  • maintain professional boundaries with the student body to ensure the lines between professionalism and friendship are not blurred, which could compromise professional standing and accountability.
  • wear a College ID badge at all times.
  • dress professionally in order to promote a positive image to all internal and external customers.


To motivate, encourage and support everyone to realise their potential and achieve their goals

We will:

  • lead by example and act as a positive role model for the College.
  • create momentum and enthusiasm about what needs to be achieved.
  • create a safe environment that will support creativity and inspire students to improve their outcomes.


To be trustworthy showing respect and acting with fairness, in the best interests of all

We will:

  • ensure that our manner, language and interaction with staff and students is always appropriate.
  • refrain from bringing the College into disrepute due to any activity which could be deemed as inappropriate and not aligned to the core values.
  • take sensible precautions to protect ourselves, people, facilities and property.


To be flexible, responsive and embrace opportunities to meet the ever changing needs and demands of all

We will:

  • demonstrate a willingness to do things differently and make suggestions for improvement.
  • view the changing landscape of FE as an opportunity to develop and improve the way in which we currently work.
  • approach our work with a ‘can-do’ attitude, taking ownership of problems and issues and identifying appropriate solutions.


To be at the forefront of innovation in everything we do, to challenge and continuously find ways to improve.

We will:

  • embrace new technologies, techniques and working methods.
  • look outside the college and beyond to seek opportunities and ideas that will develop the organisation.
  • challenge the status quo in a constructive way.

Policies & Procedures

Our Core Values and Behaviours should be read in conjunction with other essential college publications which provide information, advice and support on a range of professional expectations.