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Choose apprenticeships!

If full time study is not for you, then an apprenticeship can help you get started in your new career! You’ll get real work experience, gain job skills and knowledge and study towards a relevant qualification.

Don’t forget, you still need to enrol onto your apprenticeship programme! Find out more by clicking here or call us on 0191 511 6000.

If full-time study is not for you then one of our apprenticeship programmes can help you get started in your new career. Earning money while learning on-the-job, and getting national recognised qualifications all at the same time is reason 1 why an apprenticeship could be the right choice for you!

Sunderland College is one of the biggest apprenticeship providers in the region and can offer you over 40 apprenticeship programmes from engineering to health and social care.

As an apprentice you will earn a minimum of £3.90 an hour (April 2019). With no student loan or tuition fees, you will also have less debt than if you were studying a full-time course.
Starting in the workplace means there is lots of potential for you to progress in your career quickly, giving you a fast track route to your career success.
You will get the best of both worlds with support from your employer and support from the College to make sure you achieve and get the best out of your apprenticeship.
You will be doing a real job for a real employer and your on the- job training will let you put your skills and knowledge into practice and show employers what you are capable of.
An apprenticeship will give you the edge when competing for jobs against other well-qualified candidates, and your experience in the workplace will give you a head start.
The vast majority of our apprentices secure employment after they have completed their programme. The qualifications, skills and experience you gain on an apprenticeship will look good on your CV and your apprenticeship could even turn into a full-time job.
Not only will you develop job specific skills, you will gain transferable skills such as time management, that you can use in other industries and careers.
The new higher apprenticeship programmes mean that you can become qualified to degree level and even beyond, while staying in employment.