Short Course

Subject Area

Creative Writing

Start Date

24 April 2018

Course Length

10 Weeks - Tuesday evening 6pm





Course Level


Award to be received

Skills for Employment, Training, and Personal Development (L1)

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Who is this course for?

It is a suitable course for those wishing to progress with creative writing.

What do you need to apply for the course?

This course is suitable for anyone aged 19 or over.

What are the key things you'll learn?

This course is an introduction to creative writing, the summer term focusses on genre fiction, and includes areas of writing such as; crime, romance, science fiction, and children’s literature.

The course explores the skills needed to write fiction, including:

  • Knowing the differences between different genres of fiction
  • Being able to use personal experience as a source of creative writing
  • Being able to use a range of stimuli as a basis for creative writing
  • Being able to plan for a short piece of writing
  • Knowing about the importance of choosing an intended audience
  • Knowing about drafting and re-drafting in creative writing
  • Being able to reflect on own work
  • Being able to provide feedback to others
  • Developing abilities to write creatively
  • Developing appropriate vocabulary for discussing creative writing

How you will learn

This course is taught through weekly classroom sessions.

This is a leisure course with an informal focus. The course will involve voluntary completion of practical writing projects and assignments to develop writing skills and as a means to develop the writing discipline to meet deadlines.

Where could this course take you?

After successfully completing this course you will be able to apply the skills learnt in your own creative writing.

What costs will you incur?

This course costs £50.