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Flexible 10 weeks Level 1 Full-Time Bede Campus Full-time vocational Apply Enquire

What’s it all about?

Do you dream of one day being paid to make films, TV shows, documentaries, commercials or music videos? Do you hope one day to report the latest news and sport? If so, this is the course for you!

You will develop 5 key skills throughout this course: informing ideas, problem solving, technical skills, professional practice and communication.

You will develop project management skills and develop your understanding of client and audience needs and expectations.

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19+ please enquire

You will be taught through workshop-based sessions that encourage hands-on experience of industry standard software and techniques.

The development of sector skills is the main focus of this qualification.

We intend for every learner to have the opportunity to develop key a wide range of skills through both core and sector unit. This will help learners to appreciate how the skills they develop in their core unit can be contextualised in the sector they are studying.

On completion of their course, learners will have developed a set of sector skills that will benefit them whatever their chosen progression route. Developing essential employment and sector skills such as communication, working with others, problem solving, managing information and finally, self-management and development.

The purpose of this qualification is to develop the transferable skills, as well as the attributes and behaviours needed for learners to progress to further study and ultimately to employment. The qualification is designed to be delivered in an applied way, bringing together appropriate content with practical and technical skills.

Subject to change

A2 - Developing a Personal Progression Plan
What would you like to do when you finish this course? Perhaps you would like to spend more time learning about the subject you are studying at the moment? Or you may want to do something completely different. Before you decide what, your next step is, you need to know what you are good at, what your interests are and what your end goal is. This unit will help you find out what opportunities are available to you and how to get to the next stage. You will carry out a self-audit, identifying what your strengths are and what you need to develop to be able to meet your progression goals. You will learn how to set goals and plan ways to achieve them. You will then produce a personal progression plan to help you reach the next step in your life. The skills you develop in this unit will be good preparation when applying for another course or training programme
Learning aims in this unit you will:
- Explore the skills and behaviours needed to meet personal progression goal
- Produce a progression plan to meet intended progression goal.

DM7 – Producing an Advert
Adverts are an everyday part of modern life. We see them in different forms in all areas of media. They are a huge part of the media industry and a number of different people are usually involved in a production team to ensure the product is of a high quality and suitable for the target audience. In this unit, you will develop the skills and techniques involved in creating adverts. You will explore the roles involved with a production and the planning needed. You will then work with others to plan and create an advert in an area of media production. The transferable and sector skills you develop in this unit can enable you to progress to further learning. They will also support you in completing the core skills units in Group A of this qualification.

Learning aims in this unit you will:
- Plan an advert that meets the requirements of a brief
- Work with others to create an advert.

What’s next?

Successful completion of this course, along with an appropriate grade and portfolio, will support access to employment and provide access to a wide range of Further Education courses or apprenticeships.

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