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September 2 Years Level 4 Part-Time Evening City Campus University Level Qualification Apply Enquire

What’s it all about?

The Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Engineering offers a transformative educational experience, designed to deepen your understanding of engineering principles and boost your career prospects in this dynamic sector. These qualifications provide a robust foundation in engineering fundamentals, complemented by specialized pathways that align with your career aspirations, whether in electrical, mechanical, manufacturing, or general engineering.

At Level 4 (HNC), you embark on a comprehensive journey through core and optional units, designed to furnish you with the skills necessary for a successful engineering career. The curriculum focuses on essential topics like Engineering Design, Maths, and Science, alongside a project unit that integrates theory with practice, ensuring you develop a holistic understanding of engineering principles.

Progressing to Level 5 (HND), the program allows for deeper specialization, preparing you for more advanced roles within the industry or further academic pursuits. You'll engage in a research project, enhancing your investigative skills, and delve into Professional Engineering Management, equipping you with the leadership qualities vital for the modern engineering landscape.

The Higher Nationals are recognized by employers and higher education institutions globally, providing a clear path to professional employment and the opportunity for academic advancement to degree-level studies. With a focus on practical skills, problem-solving, and team collaboration, the HNC and HND prepare you not just for your first engineering role, but for a lifelong career in this ever-evolving industry.

Whether you aspire to shape the future as an electrical engineer, innovate in the realm of mechanical engineering, or lead in manufacturing and operations, the Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals in Engineering offer the tools, knowledge, and hands-on experience to turn your passion into a professional reality. Embrace this opportunity to become a part of the next generation of engineers, poised to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

You will need Maths and English GCSE at a C/4 or above. Minimum Level 3 qualification in Engineering and/or have relevant, industry experience (minimum 2 years)

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19+ please enquire

Our engineering program blends innovative teaching methods with real-world assessment to prepare you for the dynamic field of engineering. Experience hands-on learning through lab work, projects, and group collaboration, guided by industry experts. Assessments are practical and varied, including design projects, presentations, and reports, ensuring you develop not just technical skills, but also critical thinking and communication. This course is your gateway to becoming a problem-solving, forward-thinking engineer, ready to face the challenges of the modern world. Start your journey with us and transform your passion into professional excellence.

GCSE Maths and English are foundational pillars for our Engineering programme, ensuring you have the essential skills to succeed. In engineering, precision and clarity are paramount—Maths equips you with the analytical skills to solve complex problems, while English enables you to communicate your innovative ideas effectively. These qualifications not only enhance your learning experience but also prepare you for a diverse range of professional environments. Start your journey with the right tools—GCSE Maths and English are your steppingstones to mastering the engineering world and propelling your future career to new heights. There is also a requirement for you to hold a minimum Level 3 qualification in Engineering and/or have relevant, industry experience (minimum 2 years).

Unlock the gateway to the engineering world with our course, designed in collaboration with leading industry giants. Our strong industry links provide an unparalleled advantage, offering you direct exposure to cutting-edge technologies and pioneering engineering practices. From guest lectures and workshops led by seasoned professionals to real-world project collaborations, these partnerships are woven into the fabric of your learning journey. Dive into a program where academia meets industry, ensuring your education is as dynamic and innovative as the engineering landscape itself.

Dive into our Engineering program, designed for flexibility and depth. We are offering a part-time route over 2 years stretching your passion over a longer horizon, we adapt to your life’s rhythm. Expect a commitment that blends seamlessly with your schedule, yet challenges and invigorates your engineering ambitions. Here, time isn’t just spent; it’s invested in crafting your future, in a program that respects your pace while igniting your potential. The course will be run from our City Campus on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings (6pm – 9pm).

Tuesday & Thursday 6pm-9pm

Embark on a transformative journey with our Higher National Certificate in Engineering, designed to catapult you into the innovative world of engineering. This course offers a deep dive into the principles of engineering, combined with practical experience and specialised pathways tailored to your career aspirations. Whether you're passionate about electrical, mechanical, or manufacturing engineering, our program equips you for immediate employment and further academic pursuits. Embrace this chance to turn your engineering passion into a professional reality and become part of the next generation shaping our future. Join us and engineer your path to success.

Step into a world where your engineering dreams take shape with our comprehensive course modules. Begin with core subjects like Engineering Design, where creativity meets functionality. Explore Engineering Maths and Science, grounding your innovative ideas in practical, real-world applications, shaping your expertise for the future.
Each module is crafted to bridge theory and practice, preparing you for the challenges and advancements of the engineering sector.
Year 1 will consist of Engineering Maths, Mechanical Principles, Engineering Design and Quality & Process Improvement. Year 2 will consist of Mechatronics, Managing a Professional Engineering Project, Production Engineering for Manufacture and Digital Principles.


What’s next?

Upon completing our Higher National Certificate in Engineering, a world of opportunities unfolds. Forge ahead with further studies, seamlessly transitioning to a HND program in engineering, thanks to our recognized pathways. Or dive straight into the engineering field, where roles in design, manufacturing, project management, and more await your expertise and innovation. Our program is your launchpad to becoming an influential part of the engineering community, whether you aspire to further academic achievements or to make an immediate impact in the industry. Begin your journey with us and shape the future you dream of.

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