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September 1 Year Level 2 Full-Time Bede Campus T Levels Apply Enquire

What’s it all about?

The T Level Foundation: Education & Early Years course is designed for individuals dedicated to the development and of children aged 0-11 years, this course is an essential foundation for those seeking a career in childcare or early education.
The program consists of six units, that will provide you with the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary to support young children's development and well-being. This will include topic such as the role of the childcare practitioner, play and learning, nutrition and exploring legislation.

Embrace this opportunity to make a significant impact on children's early years, shaping their future while building a fulfilling career for yourself. Your journey towards becoming an inspiring figure in children's lives starts here!

You will need 4 GCSEs at grade 3-9 including English (Grade 4) & Maths (Grade 3)

Study level Cost
19+ please enquire

The teaching of this programme blends interactive classroom learning with hands-on experience in real-world childcare settings. You'll explore child development, play, and nutrition through engaging lessons and practical activities. Assessment includes creating detailed portfolios, reflecting on your experiences, and completing a Professional Skills Record during your placement. This mix ensures you not only grasp the theoretical aspects but also apply them confidently, preparing you thoroughly for a fulfilling career in childcare. It's an exciting way to translate your passion for children's growth and learning into a professional skill set!

This qualification will be internally assessed using a range of different methods such as practical tasks, case studies, PowerPoint presentations and written assignments, which will be used to build up a portfolio of evidence.

Work will be graded as:

GCSE Maths and English are essential components in your toolkit for the Education & Early Years pathway. English proficiency enables effective storytelling, clear communication, and the ability to engage children's imaginations, making learning enjoyable and meaningful. Maths skills assist in everyday tasks, such as planning meal portions and creating educational activities involving counting or measuring. These subjects are crucial not only for meeting qualification requirements but also for enhancing your ability to educate and inspire young minds. Additionally, proficiency in Maths and English enhances your resume, making you more attractive to future employers. Mastering these subjects is a vital step toward a successful career in education and early years development.

As part of your T Level Foundation Education & Early Years course you will be required to attend placement in a day care or school setting. This will allow you an opportunity to work alongside the children and qualified early years staff and develop further skills and knowledge learned from within the classroom into the work place. Whilst in placement you will be visited by our placement assessors who will carry out observations to show you have gained the skills required to meet awarding body standards and are competent to work with children. Placement times will vary according to the setting, but attendance is compulsory and is required as part of the course.
Your role will include:

Interacting and engaging with children and staff.
Learning to support children during their daily routine.
Encouraging children's learning and development through play and planned activities.
Setting up and clearing away activities.
Helping to keep the learning environment clean and tidy.
You will be observed by your Placement Assessor in the setting who will give you targets to meet.

Are you ready to embark on a journey that shapes the future of young children? Our Education & Early Years Route is your first step toward a career in early years and primary education, ideal for students who have just completed their GCSEs. This program is designed to seamlessly integrate into your new adult life.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, the course includes a minimum of 120 hours of practical experience in a real work environment, bridging the gap between theory and practice. This hands-on experience not only enriches your learning but also equips you to handle the diverse challenges and rewards of working with children.
The program is flexible enough to accommodate your busy schedule, offering more than just a qualification—it transforms you into a skilled childcare professional. Prepare for a fulfilling career where you make a difference every day. Join us, and let's nurture the future together.

As a T Level Foundation Education & Early Years student you will be expected to undertake some learning in your own time, this might be to complete some assignments, homework tasks or placement activities. These will be provided by your tutor or placement assessor with clear guidance on what needs to be completed and when.

Monday-Friday (between 9am-5.30pm) Days and times vary and students will be informed of these upon enrolment.

Dive into the heart of early childhood development with the Education & Early Years Route. Designed for those passionate about shaping young lives, this course offers deep insights into children's growth from birth to 11 years. You'll explore playful learning, understand essential legislation, and engage in real-world childcare settings, Gaining experience working with children and alongside staff in a nursery or school setting.
Perfect for post-GCSE students dreaming of a career in early years or primary education, this qualification sets the stage for lifelong impact, guiding you to become a trusted, nurturing presence in children's developmental journeys. Start your path to becoming an early childhood champion today!

The modules you will study are all designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to be able to work with children and serves as a crucial step toward making a meaningful impact in children's lives.

• Child Development: Within this module you will learn about the sequence of children’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional development and cover the ages from birth to 11 years.

• Play and Learning: Within this module you will learn about the importance of play and how the environment can influence and impact children’s development. You will also begin to look at some of the theories around children’s play and how this changes according to their age and stage of development.

• Exploring Legislation: The aims of this module is to explore some of the legislation, policies and procedures that are used to keep children safe, this also includes the role of the practitioner and how guidance can help to safeguard children.

• The Role of the Childcare Practitioner: Within this module you will begin to consider some of the roles and responsibilities of the childcare practitioner and learn about some of the professional skills, expectations, boundaries and limitations of the childcare practitioner.

• Nutrition: Within this module you will learn about the impact of nutrition in relation to children’s health and wellbeing, this will include special dietary requirements as well as develop an understanding of ways in which the practitioner can support healthy eating.

• Physical Development and Physical Activity: The aim of this module is to consider the role of physical activity in relation to children’s health and wellbeing. You will also explore current health and educations guidelines and how the practitioner can be a positive role model to encourage children to develop physical skills through play.

What’s next?

After completing this vibrant course, your world of opportunities in childcare and education blossoms. You can advance to Level 3 qualifications in Early Years Education, Supporting Teaching and Learning, or Children and Young People’s Workforce, setting the stage for further educational development. Employment prospects include roles such as Nursery Assistant, Classroom Assistant, or Preschool Assistant, where your newly acquired skills and passion will be invaluable. Each step forward opens doors to impacting young lives profoundly. Embrace the chance to guide and nurture young minds as you pursue a fulfilling career in this essential field. Your future in childcare and education begins here.

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