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Health and social care

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1 Year







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Who is this course for?

This is ideal for anyone who wants to take their first steps into the healthcare profession as well as for those already working within the sector wishing to gain a recognised qualification.  The course develops knowledge and understanding of the support role in a range of clinical healthcare support settings. Many clinical support staff are involved in looking after the general well-being and comfort of patients. They may work with an individual practitioner or a team, supporting healthcare professionals in the delivery of patient care, by taking on some of the routine tasks such as welcoming and preparing patients, explaining treatment and updating patient records.  Clinical support roles also offer an ideal entry route to many careers in health.

What do you need to apply for the course?

You will need to be working, volunteering or on practical placement within the healthcare sector as there is a requirement for the assessment of workplace knowledge and competence.  Should you require a voluntary or practical placement, there are charities that specialise in finding opportunities within the community, for example Do-it Trust.  Web address:

What are the key things you'll learn?

You will study a range of core topics including:

Communication in Health and Social Care

Duty of Care

Equality and Inclusion

Role of the Health and Social Care Worker

Health and Safety in health and Social Care

Principles of Infection Prevention and Control

Causes and Spread of Infection

Implement Person Centred Approaches in Health and Social Care

Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care

Handle Information in Health and Social Care Settings

Personal Development

Plus additional optional units.

How you will learn

You will be required to produce a portfolio, and will participate in a range of teaching, learning and assessment strategies to include individual and group work activities and tasks, essays, leaflets, mini presentations, workshops, booklets, posters and reflective accounts.

Where could this course take you?

Once you have achieved the qualification you could progress to the Level 3 Diploma in Clinical Healthcare Support or Certificate in Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities or a specialist healthcare qualification.

What costs will you incur?

The course cost is £600 and you need to attend to attend college two days per week, plus at least one additional day in working, volunteering or on practical placement within the healthcare sector. Additional costs will included items such as stationary to create your portfolio and some resources for presentations and posters if required.