Course Type / Attendance

Part Time

Subject Area

Union Learning

Start Date

Call 0191 511 6000

Course Length

12 Weeks







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Who is this course for?

The course is for trade union members who would like to progress further as a Trade Union Representative.

What do you need to apply for the course?

You do not need to have any formal qualifications in order to follow this course but you will need to have completed the Union Representative stage 1 course.

What are the key things you'll learn?

  • Handling disciplinary and grievance cases
  • Contract of employment and employment rights
  • Negotiation
  • Equality Law
  • Producing an employment rights improvement workplace project

How you will learn

The course is taught using a range of methods including practical, theory, classroom and workplace learning.

Where could this course take you?

You may progress onto the Diploma in Employment Law course or other courses offered at City of Sunderland College.

What costs will you incur?

There are no costs incurred TUC courses are fully funded.