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Bridge View Medical Group

Bridge View Medical Group employs two medical receptionist apprentices through Sunderland College. Their apprentices have brought new skills and ideas to a mature workforce.

Amanda Fair, Practice Manager at Bridge View Medical Group, shared her experience of how an apprentice benefits their business.

Job title of your apprentices:

Apprentice Medical Receptionist.

How has employing an apprentice helped your business?

Employing apprentices in the Practice has brought fresh and new eyes and working methods into an ever developing environment, and has enabled succession planning. Apprenticeships are a great building block to future success of the new generation of workers.

How has your apprentice developed on-the-job skills?

Carrying out an apprenticeship on-the-job has enabled real life problems to work through to logical solutions with demonstrable evidence of an outcome.

 What assets has an apprentice brought to your business?

The apprentices have brought new skills and ideas to an established (and aging!) workforce.

Would you recommend the apprenticeship scheme to other businesses? 

If the structure is available to allow apprentices into a business, I would wholeheartedly recommend taking on an apprentice, as you are training the future workforce.

What support have you received from Sunderland College?

We have received really good support from the College, no matter how simple a question seems!

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