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Drilcorp employ a project co-ordinator apprentice through Sunderland College. They see a bright future for their apprentice!

Kirsty Gowans, Business Services Director at Drilcorp, shared her experience of how an apprentice benefits their business.

Job title of your apprentice:

Apprentice Project Co-ordinator.

How has employing an apprentice helped your business?

Drilcorp have employed apprentices who have progressed to the next level within the organisation. We have employed all of the apprentices within the company once the apprenticeships concluded. We feel that this way of recruitment and training produces more skilled, knowledgeable and loyal employees.

How has your apprentice developed on-the-job skills?

Drilcorp have created an internal training programme to run alongside the apprentice’s external training. The internal programme is to learn the trade of a borehole engineer. Our apprentice is given theoretical and practical training, which he is embracing and enjoying immensely. We have a system in place to ensure internal training is monitored on a quarterly basis to ensure our apprentice is progressing at the right pace.

What assets has an apprentice brought to your business?

Since our apprentice started he has been a breath of fresh air, bringing new ideas to the business, which is consequently boosting moral within his team.

Would you recommend the apprenticeship scheme to other businesses? 

Yes because of the benefits it brings to the business. Our apprentice is settling in great and we see a very bright future for him within Drilcorp.

What support have you received from Sunderland College?

Sunderland College staff have visited our apprentice several times on-site. Studying at College has helped our apprentice understand the electronic element of the installation of a borehole.

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