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Keepmoat Homes

Keepmoat Homes employ two joinery apprentices through Sunderland College. Their apprentices have brought new ideas to the business and are seen as potential future managers.

Geoff Scott, Social and Economic Impact Manager at Keepmoat Homes, shared his experience of how an apprentice can grow a business.

Job title of your apprentices:

Apprentice Joiners.

How has employing an apprentice helped your business?

Employing apprentices has helped with future planning and the growth of the business, whilst remaining competitive. We also look at apprentices as potential future site managers.

How has your apprentice developed on-the-job skills?

The apprentices work with our experienced joiners on a day-to-day basis and their learning is enhanced through the theory work they complete at College.

What assets has an apprentice brought to your business?

An apprentice has brought freshness, new ideas and cost-effective business planning.

Would you recommend the apprenticeship scheme to other businesses? 

Yes. The effective communication with Sunderland College is a bonus. They are keen to ensure the employer is involved in decision making.

What support have you received from Sunderland College?

We have received great support from Sunderland College’s senior management team and also their tutor/assessor who provide regular feedback. Sunderland College has a very professional approach, which is also friendly, with approachable staff.

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