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Ro-Bal Steel Fabrication Ltd

Ro-Bal Steel Fabrication employ a welding apprentice through Sunderland College. Their apprentice is a great team player and is performing well.

Kim Oughton, Office Manager at Ro-Bal Steel Fabrication, shared her experience of how an apprentice benefits their business.

Job title of your apprentices:

Apprentice Welder.

How has employing an apprentice helped your business?

It given us a sense of social responsibility and commitment and demonstrates our support for young person within our environment.

How has your apprentice developed on-the-job skills?

Our apprentice has developed his skills by learning from him peers, who have a wealth of experience.

What assets has an apprentice brought to your business?

Great team skills.

Would you recommend the apprenticeship scheme to other businesses? 

Yes. Our apprentice is doing really well and we are keen to recruit another apprentice in the near future.

What support have you received from Sunderland College?

Sunderland College has provided great support. Studying at College also meant that our apprentice was able to gain experience before entering our work environment.

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