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Rokshaw Ltd

Rokshaw employs three pharmacy apprentices through Sunderland College. Their apprentices are an important part of their business strategy and bring fresh energy and creative ideas to problem solving.

Andre Mills, Head of Production at Rokshaw, shared his experience of how an apprentice benefits their business.

Job title of your apprentices:

Apprentice Pharmacy Technician (Production).

How has employing an apprentice helped your business?

Apprentices are a vital part of our business strategy, they enable us to remain competitive whilst allowing us to develop our in-house talent.

How has your apprentice developed on-the-job skills?

Our apprentices are taught the practical elements within the working environment, to which they are assessed and receive regular feedback. The combination of vocation and theoretic learning allows our apprentices to achieve occupational competence more readily.

What assets has an apprentice brought to your business?

The skills taught to apprentices are invaluable within our sector, as the level of competences required can prove difficult to remaster once such skills are lost.

Would you recommend the apprenticeship scheme to other businesses? 

Our apprentices have brought an injection of fresh energy and creative ideas. When working in the manufacturing environment, these new approaches to problem solving have shown benefits to our culture of continuous improvement and innovation, finding new ways to speed up processes.

What support have you received from Sunderland College?

The College’s service delivery has been well integrated with consideration of our timescales, minimising any potential disruption of day-to-day activities. Tutors are knowledgeable, responsive and fully committed to up-skilling our workforce. Our apprentices receive consistent tuition through Sunderland College, which provides the apprentices with well-rounded learning to better handle work place challenges.

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