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Sunderland College helped put ZF TRW on the right track with a bespoke induction and training programme for their temporary members of staff.

Based in Houghton-le-Spring in Sunderland, ZF TRW is a primary developer and producer of active and passive safety systems and serves major vehicle manufacturers worldwide with an established footprint that includes facilities in more than 20 countries. Globally the company maintains 22 technical centres and 13 test tracks in vital markets around the world.

After identifying an issue with the retention rates of their temporary workers, who are an integral part of the staff base, ZF TRW contacted Sunderland College.

The College were able to tailor an induction programme for their temporary staff with candidates undergoing an initial bespoke 5-day training programme with the College. The programme covers attitudes and behaviours, team work, 5S and Standard Operating Procedures. On the final day of the course candidates receive a further induction from ZF TRW staff and undertake a Health and Safety test. On successful completion of the course, candidates are signed up to the agency and given a start date for work.

The induction programme is in its infancy, however ZF TRW are delighted with the outcomes of the induction programme and the plan is to further develop the programme using ‘jigs’ which are mini production lines in the factory, enhancing the learning in preparation for commencing work on the line.

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