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Get Started with Creative Arts: Film Marketing Print Campaign

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10:00- 11:30am


Are you interested in a career in the film industry? Then this is the session for you!

Students will be devising and implementing a print campaign to advertise a fictional film of their choice.

Stage one is an ideas section – this can be done individually or in small groups. Learners think of an idea for a short film, the genre and the potential target audience but sharing ideas and researching into existing advertising campaigns. They then sketch out some ideas for a promotional poster, which will serve as design flat plans for their digital product.

In stage two Students then take DSLR cameras and take some photographs to use in their production, demonstrating creativity in their use of composition/framing and suitability for the genre they are advertising and their potential target audience.

Once they have collected a selection of images, they then proceed to work individually to edit together an advertising poster using Adobe Photoshop. Learners will have an opportunity to develop basic initial Photoshop skills such as importing and manipulating images, by resizing, cropping and cutting out elements, adding customised texts and fonts, and combining both original and found materials using layers in order to produce a final product.

Students are advised to bring Pen and paper. If students have access to their own SD card (with adapter if a micro SD) then this is useful, but not essential.

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