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FAQ - Sunderland College & Hartlepool Sixth Form College Merger


What will change?

All in all, you won’t notice much of a difference. What you might notice, for example, are some small changes to some of the materials or literature you see around the college, with references to Sunderland College Group.  Sunderland College, Sunderland Sixth Form, Hartlepool Sixth Form College and the three subsidiary companies of Sunderland College will now all be part of the Group, but will still keep their own name and brands.

The main changes will be behind the scenes.  The merger will create a stronger, more resilient Group organisation, that will be more sustainable in the context of challenging times for the Further Education sector.


Will any of my classes move from Sunderland to Hartlepool or vice versa?

No, definitely not.  If you are a student at Sunderland College, you will remain based at your current campus, and the same goes for HSFC students.  Your tutors may work with their colleagues across the campuses, learning from each other to improve the quality of teaching and support we are able to offer, but this will not impact in any way on your physical learning environment.

Will any of my tutors leave as a result?

From the Sunderland College Group’s perspective, no job losses are currently envisaged as a result of the merger. In fact, we sincerely hope that the many benefits that the merger will bring will encourage all tutors to stay with us.


Will this affect course options?

Sunderland College and Hartlepool Sixth Form College’s curriculum offer will continue to be shaped by the local economic picture and the requirements of students, however it is anticipated that the merger will lead to an enhanced choice of courses for students.  There is the opportunity in Hartlepool to offer an enhanced programme of courses, utilising the expertise of Sunderland College’s team to inform that content, but this will be dependent on the provision in the area – which we will not duplicate – and how it fits with the progression routes available locally.




I have a contract with City of Sunderland College.  Is this contract affected by the merger?

No.  The contract will be unaffected by the merger.