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HND Early Childhood Education and Care

2 Years | Early Years Education and Care

This course will equip you with the early education and care practice skills, knowledge and the understanding necessary for the early education and care environment.  It will provide you with the education and training for entry to, or progression in, a range of careers in early education and care, including: senior early years practitioner, supervision and management roles in children’s nursery and other childcare settings; teaching assistant roles in early education or preschool settings; care and education support for children with special education and development needs.

You will develop knowledge, understanding and behaviours that demonstrate the principles of equality and diversity in your practice, as well as offering an insight and understanding into the diversity of roles within the early education and care sector, while recognising the importance of collaboration at all levels.  As part of this programme, you will be required to complete 525 hours of work placement or employment in an early education setting.

This programme of study is endorsed by the Department for Education (DfE) as a full and relevant Early Years Educator (EYE) qualification.

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Designing and making for dance costumes

5 weeks | Creative Arts

This is an introductory course designed to give learners the knowledge, understanding and skills that they need to make dance costumes.

Some basic technical experience using a domestic sewing machine is preferable.

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BTEC Level 3 Music and Production

Two years | Creative Arts

This is for anybody interested in a career in music. The course is designed to give you a vast range of skills which will equip you for any chosen musical path within the industry.

There are many performance opportunities and there is a real focus on promoting yourself in a constantly changing industry.

In recent years, a significant number of our students who chose the BTDC route have gone on to become professional musicians, producers, composers, sound engineers and music teachers.

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French Intermediate

10 weeks | Languages

This course is for those who would like to develop beyond the basics of the French language. Whether you would like to learn this to satisfy your general interest, for you to use when on holiday or for business purposes, this course is just for you.

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Event Planning

16 weeks | Business

This course is a useful introduction for 19+, adult learners who wish to pursue a career as an event planner or for those working in or preparing for a wide range of job roles in diverse sectors which require them to plan and organise events as part of their responsibilities.

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Awareness of Bullying in Children and Young People

16 weeks | Health and Social Care

This course is ideal for learners who wish to increase their awareness and understanding of bullying, including how to recognise when bullying is taking place, taking action to stop bullying and the legislation surrounding bullying.

This course aims to increase awareness of the types of bullying that can occur, what factors can create a bully, the legislation surrounding bullying, and how to help an individual who is being bullied.

It would be suitable for anyone who works, or would like to work, with children and young people.

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Behaviour that Challenges in Children

16 weeks | Health and Social Care

This qualification is aimed at anyone who wishes to develop an in-depth knowledge of behaviour that challenges in children in order to progress into related employment in education or health and social care settings. Anyone who currently works in the education and health and social care sectors would also benefit from the course, as well as anyone with a personal need for, or interest in, more detailed knowledge of behaviour that challenges in children.

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IT User Skills


This course is for 19+, adult learners who wish to develop knowledge, skills and competence in a range of different IT skills, particularly if you use IT in your current job role. It is also suitable if you are looking for work in a job role where IT skills are essential criteria.

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Personal Exercise, Health and Nutrition

Health and Social Care

This course is ideal if you wish to increase your awareness and understanding of different aspects of health and well-being and how factors such as technology and a sedentary lifestyle can affect this. It is ideal for anyone looking to learn how to put together a personal exercise and nutrition plan and understand how to account for energy requirements and fluid replacement in relation to the type of exercise being undertaken.

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