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Put apprenticeships at the heart of your business

A higher apprenticeship is a higher level work-based learning programme. Higher apprentices gain nationally recognised higher education qualifications, such as a foundation degree or honours degree, while being employed and learning job specific skills.

Higher apprenticeships are a great way of attracting highly skilled talent to your business and upskilling your existing staff.

Benefits of higher apprenticeships for employers:

Grow highly skilled talent

Higher apprenticeships can fill your higher level skills gap efficiently and effectively by tailoring the learning to your workplace.

Meet the needs of your business

Higher apprentices learn on-the-job, which allows them to develop the knowledge and job-specific competencies required by your business.

Tailored training for your business

A higher apprentice is trained and developed in the individual way that your business works.

Increase productivity

Higher apprentices can keep your business up-to-date with the latest techniques and technology, increasing your productivity.

High quality staff

Higher apprenticeships attract high calibre staff and can help you develop a motivated and committed workforce.

Motivate existing staff

Your existing staff will develop and grow as they work with your higher apprentice, through mentoring opportunities etc.

Clear progression

There’s a clear, work-based progression route through apprenticeships, from intermediate to advanced to higher apprenticeships.

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