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How to choose your course

Choosing what you are going to study for the next few years is a big decision. If you base your choice on your interests and skills you’ll study a course that you love and head towards a career that that you’ll enjoy!

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When deciding what course to study ask yourself:


If you love the subject that you’re studying, you’re more likely to achieve! Explore the wide range of courses that we offer and choose something you’ll enjoying learning about.

If you know you are already good at a subject, why not study it in more depth? It will make the transition to the next stage of your educational journey easier and you will be more motivated.

Enjoying what you are learning about will make it easier to progress through your course and will make you super happy!
Hobbies and interests are important for personal growth and enjoyment. If you have a hobby or interest that you enjoy, why not turn it into a career that you’ll love?
If you choose a career in an industry you’re passionate about, you‘ll have a real head start. Follow a career you are passionate about and it won’t ever feel like work!