About Us

The Information and Learning Services team are on hand to help support your study needs while you’re a student at Sunderland College. We have a wide range of services and resources available including libraries, IT, media and print.

Across the five main college sites we provide access to:

  • PCs, Macs and laptops
  • Books and journals, including online databases
  • Information and digital literacy skills workshops
  • IT advice and media equipment
  • Photocopying, printing and scanning services
  • A place for independent study

What we’ll do for you

We will provide you with an environment that:

  • Is safe, comfortable and clean
  • Has staff who’ll respond to your requests with courtesy and respect
  • Is a positive and productive place for study, research and learning

What we expect from you

In return, we’ll expect you to:

  • Treat our staff with courtesy and respect
  • Consider other students when using our facilities
  • Treat our facilities with respect
  • Comply to our IT usage policy, including email
  • Be considerate to the environment impact of your printing
  • Keep you drinks in bottles or containers with spill resistant lids
  • Keep your work area clean and put all waste in the appropriate recycling containers