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Erasmus+ Video-learning for Education

Erasmus+ Video-learning for Education

Sunderland College is working with European partners to deliver innovative video-learning opportunities enhancing maths and English skills, co-funded by the Erasmum+ Programme of the European Union.

Project partners:

Marin Preda High-School – www.marinpreda.ro
Association Expertise for a knowledge-based society – EXE www.exe.org.ro
European Animation Centre – EAC – www.arteac.eu.

Project summary

To create attractive open educational video-learning resources involving elite professors across different countries, which will then be disseminated free of charge through online resources such as YouTube.

The project will develop video-learning resources in Maths and English to improve the motivation of students for study and increase overall learner satisfaction. The College’s NextGen curriculum experts will be leading the way in developing pioneering animated resources designed within the context of gaming to excite young learners.

Sunderland College will create 20 video learning units as part of the project. The learning units will piloted and tested with our students. Our students will also have the opportunity to take part in a short term student exchange with students from Romania and Greece.

How will it be delivered

  1. each video-learning unit will include transnational cooperation among partners with different backgrounds, expertise and experience;
  2. the methodology that we will use to develop the course has an interdisciplinary approach in order to enhance PISA test results of students;
  3. each video-learning unit developed will include important post-processing work using modern software (egg. Adobe Acrobat Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, etc.)
  4. for the targeted mathematics learning outcomes, we will underline the applicability in real life situations in order to increase engagements of students for maths classes;
  5. the video-learning units that we develop in two different languages (EN, RO) will have OER status, which will stimulate transferability and mass adoption ;
  6. involving partners from different fields gives to our Intellectual Output an important potential of transfer and multiplication.
  7. In addition to this video content, on the e-learning platform www.tutoriale-video.ro will be added examples, exercises, additional information, links and so on, necessary to deepen those units and acquire skills. The platform will also integrate gamification concepts to stimulate a playful learning experience

Expected results

  1. increased student motivation
  2. enhanced learning experience
  3. higher marks
  4. development potential for deeper learning of the subject
  5. development of learner autonomy
  6. enhanced team working and communication skills
  7. a source of evidence relating to skills for interviews
  8. learning resources for future cohorts to use
  9. opportunities for staff development


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