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As an International Student studying at Sunderland College, you may need to secure a UK Visa before starting your course. The UK now operates a Points Based System for immigration where you must have the required amount of points to be able to apply for a visa to come into the UK to work or study.

For a student visa, you must obtain 40 points. 30 points will come from your Certificate of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) letter which we will send you. To get your CAS letter you have to go through our formal application process, please see the how to apply page for more information.

You will get the remaining 10 points when you produce your financial documents and meet the required amount of maintenance. The International Office will inform you of the financial documents required; the amount of maintenance is currently £9135.

Your application to the UK Immigration authorities must be made in your home country. If successful you will be granted ‘entry clearance’ and you should wait until you have obtained this before you book any travel tickets.

If you would like to study for a short course under six months then you could apply for a Student Visit Visa but please check with us first as you are not able to extend this visa while you are in the UK.

We are proud to have UKVI Tier 4 Sponsor Status and our International Officers are available to support you through the visa process.

You can find out more information on UK Visas and the Points Based System from the following websites: