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Amy Louise Redford

Name: Amy Louise Redford

Course: Fashion and Clothing

Previous school: Sunderland College

Amy described Sunderland College as fun, beneficial and helpful. After completing her course at Sunderland College she progressed onto studying at Manchester Fashion Institute. She has since spent a year working in Hong Kong to develop further as a designer. She is now hoping to pursue a Master’s degree.

She said:

“I chose to study at Sunderland College because it offered a course that allowed me to pursue my interest in fashion.

What I liked best about the College was having the freedom to realise my own ideas when approaching work. The staff were also great and motivated me to go onto University.

The best aspect of the course was being able to gain a new set of skills such as pattern cutting. I also had the opportunity to hold an exhibition at the end of the year to showcase my work.

The campus had great facilities and the staff created a lovely atmosphere.”

Amy is now hoping to progress further as a fashion designer by undertaking a Master’s degree. In future she hopes to launch her own fashion brand.