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Anna Hardman

Name: Anna Hardman

Course: A-Levels – English Language, Religious Studies & BTEC Subsidiary Diploma Applied Science

Previous school: The Academy at Shotton Hall

Anna was grateful that her A-Levels introduced her to topics that she studied at university for her health and social care degree. She is now training to be a teacher.

She said:

“My A-Levels provided me with a vital introduction to behaviour theories that I have used throughout my health and social care degree.

I was extremely grateful to return for a work experience placement in the health and social care department at Sunderland College when they in preparation for my PGCE PCET. It may sound cliché, but I do feel that in some ways I have never quite left Sunderland College, as I still feel that the College has continued to support me since I have left.

After my A-Level results I started my mental health nurse training but after 6 months I had to leave my course due to poor health. However, after a few months into my recovery, I went to Sunderland College Washington Campus to study Level 2 health and social care. This allowed me to stay in education until I started my health and social care degree. The college helped me to feel that I still had a purpose in life.”

Anna progressed to the University of Sunderland and gained a degree in health and social care. She is now studying a PGCE PCET in order to teach health and social care.