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Conner Scott

Name: Conner Scott

Course: Level 3 Childcare and Education

Previous school: Kepier

Conner described his time at Sunderland College as enjoyable, educating and unforgettable. He thoroughly enjoyed being given the chance to take part in further training offered by his placement, which really benefitted him when it came to the completion of his studies and finding a career path.

He said:

The support from the teaching staff was fantastic, I was encouraged to aim high, and I was always provided with guidance and support on how to achieve the best grades I could.

The atmosphere on campus it great, 1000’s of people walk around the college, different genders, sexuality, religion or race and nobody is made to feel less than safe and accepted.

The placement I was offered was paramount in confirming my decision to work in early years. I was provided with the opportunity to explore my interest further with encouragement and support within a fantastic nursery environment.”

Conner now works as an Assistant Deputy Manager in a private day-care setting, he is currently acting Deputy Manager to cover Maternity Leave.