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Which route is right for you?

This fun quiz will help you find out more about how you learn and what you enjoy, and might give you an idea of which route will suit you best.

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What do you want to gain from your course?

1. Skills for a specific career sector
2. Hands-on, practical experience of a specific job role
3. Knowledge across a suite of academic subjects

Which one of the following is most important to you?

1. Qualifications that relate to a career or industry sector
2. Workplace experience
3. Going to university

Which assessment method do you prefer?

1. Both exams and practical assessments
2. Coursework and practical assessments
3. Mostly exams with some coursework

Do you know what career you would like to do?

1. Not sure – but I know the sector I would like to work in
2. Yes – I want to start straight away
3. Not sure / yes – but I need to study at a higher level first

Do you feel ready for work now?

1. Almost ready
2. Yes I’m ready
3. Not yet

Mostly 1’s – A professional and technical course might be for you!

Our professional and technical qualifications are designed to prepare you for employment and can offer you fantastic career prospects. They mix classroom learning with real-world experience.

Mostly 2’s – An apprenticeship might be for you!

Apprenticeships can give you great job opportunities for the future.  As an apprentice, you’ll gain valuable workplace experience, job specific knowledge and skills, and get paid while you learn.

Mostly 3’s – A-Levels might be for you!

A-Levels allow you to study academic subjects in more depth.  They are good preparation if you are thinking of progressing to university or if you want to leave your career options open.

Still not sure?

If you chose a mixture of 1’s, 2’s and 3’s, or if you’re still unsure of your next step, come to one of our information events to find out more and to chat to one of our expert careers advisers.