Part Time

Subject Area

Technology in Teaching and Learning

Start Date

Call 0191 511 6000

Course Length

20 weeks





Course Level


Award to be received

Level 4 Award for Technology Enabled Educators

Regulatory Body


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Who is this course for?

Practitioners (Teachers, Lecturers, trainer/assessors) who have an interest in developing the use of technology in their practice.

What do you need to apply for the course?

You must be currently employed as a teacher, lecturer or trainer/assessor with a full teaching qualification.

What are the key things you'll learn?

  • Unit 01 – Learning technology in the context of teaching and learning (2 credits)
  • Unit 02 – Developing digital skills and a learning technology toolkit (4 credits)
  • Unit 03 – Curriculum planning for the use of learning technologies (2 credits)
  • Unit 04 – Curriculum delivery using learning technology (3 credits)

How you will learn

Blended learning (a mixture of online learning, and face to face learning)

Where could this course take you?

Enhanced professional practice

What costs will you incur?

The fee for this course is £500.

Sunderland College staff receive financial support from the CPD unit covering £400, and will therefore pay £100.

Previous Student Experience

"I thought this course would be all academic and it was just the opposite. It’s about applying what you learn, about using different technologies, in your own classroom setting and appreciating the technologies that are at your disposal – use them to your advantage’. Completing this course has also taught me some new skills. I learnt how to use Notebook, how to change a PPT into a video and put sound onto it, but most of all I enjoyed working with my peers / colleagues to develop the toolkit. It is a course well worth doing’. The only thing I would change is to simplify the criteria and to set one task linked to the each of the criteria points at a time." - Olwyn Dodds "This was a really interesting course that really helped me to further my use of tech within the classroom. The knowledge gained from my own research and that of collaborative learning was invaluable. I engaged with members of the College I would otherwise not and was very surprised with the transferable resources we shared. As much I found most of the new skills and tech great, collaborative working made using and integrating into lesson much easier. I have to say the biggest thing I can take from the course was how to use our Moodle site to greater affect. We developed a flipped classroom online for our learners in apprenticeships, which were also used within the classroom when the opportunity for group work arose. This really fitted with a much more blended approach to teaching and learning and something that can benefit to any area" - Paul Wallace "I found the course very informative and enjoyable, it was great to work with others from across the college who I had never met before ( I’ve worked for the college for over 16 years so know quite a few people), and to look at new technologies to use within the classroom. The full day workshops were excellent and really brought the group together in a supportive way, we all contributed and helped each other and shared ideas. The sharing good practice network was by far the best of those days, lots of different technologies were showcased and I took lots of ideas away from that particular session which I’m now using within my classes. The time frame was very short and as it ran from Easter to the summer and essentially at the busiest time of year for us, so therefore I felt quite under pressure to get the assignments done and handed in especially the group work assignments. The format of some of the assignments was a bit overwhelming, if it’s possible to break them down a bit this may help. I also found the word count on some of the tasks very restrictive especially for the amount of info that needed to be covered ( or maybe I just waffle too much ha ha ), however I found the videos you created that explained the assignment tasks to be a God send as I could watch them whenever I wanted and make notes, this then led to less re-work. Overall I would recommend the course to anyone in teaching, it’s a great way to explore new technologies and meet others within education to share ideas and good practice" - Paula Marshall