1. Skills for a specific career sector
  2. Hands-on, practical experience of a specific job role
  3. Knowledge across a suite of academic subjects
  1. Qualifications that relate to a career or industry sector
  2. A qualification that's recognised by employers and universities
  3. A qualification that is recognised worldwide
  1. Not sure – but I know the sector I would like to work in
  2. Yes - I want to start straight away
  3. Not sure / yes - but I need to study at a higher level first
  1. Almost ready
  2. Yes I’m ready
  3. Not yet

Still not sure? If you chose a mixture of 1s, 2s and 3s or if you’re still unsure of your next step, come to one of our open events to find out more and to chat to one of our expert careers advisers.

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