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5 reasons to visit a college open event

Open events are a unique opportunity to find out what college life is really all about. Here are five of the many reasons why attending one is a good idea!

They’re free 

Open events are free to attend and will help you make a super important decision about your future, so what are you waiting for! You can even visit as many as you like, especially if a college has more than one campus, like us.

Speak to real people

At an open event you can meet real students and the people who will actually be teaching you. You will hear first-hand how you will be motivated and inspired to achieve and you can ask as many questions as you want!

Experience the vibe 

Every college has a different vibe and it’s something you won’t get by reading a prospectus and looking on the web. There’s no substitute for experiencing a college’s individual personality and atmosphere than by attending an open event and feeling it for yourself!

Check out the facilities

Explore all the amazing college facilities and discover how they will give you career specific skills and prepare you for an exciting new future. Colleges love to showcase their facilities, especially if they have invested in brand new, state-of-the-art ones like us!


To prepare for your GSCEs you would do your research and revision wouldn’t you? So why would you not research a college you are planning to spend the next few years of your life? Attending an open event is all part of the research process so you can gain as much information as possible and feel confident about your college and course choice.