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Reasons why we love work placements

Taking part in work placements show you are motivated and keen to develop yourself. It’s a great experience that will help you develop the skills and knowledge that employers love!

  • The practical experience you will get during your work placement will look super impressive on your CV.
  • You will develop important transferable skills like working well in a team and learning how to communicate and interact with other people in a work environment.
  • You’ll gain industry knowledge and a valuable insight into current developments.
  • During your work placement you’ll have the opportunity to network and start developing a list of useful contacts to help with your future employment and career progression.
  • You can apply the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired during your placement to improve your grades for your college course.
  • By doing a real job, you’ll find out whether or not it’s the right career path for you.
  • It will make you more employable when applying for jobs and will give you the edge over other job candidates.
  • It introduces you to the world of work and will make the transition from a student to a full-time employee easier.
  • It will give you something to talk about in a job interview!