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What is distance learning?

If you are unable to commit to a structured course and to attending classes, distance learning is a super easy way to fit your studies around your home and work life!

Distance learning courses are completed in your own time so you don’t need to come into college. You will be sent all your study resources via email and you will be provided with deadline dates for your completed workbooks / assignments to be submitted. 

Did you know?

You can choose when and where you study.

There are no timetabled classes to attend.

You can gain life-changing qualifications without leaving your home!

You will be assigned a Personal Tutor so you always have someone to ask for help.

You will study the same high-quality qualifications as you would at college.

All Level 2 distance learning courses are free, regardless of your circumstances.

Why distance learning?

There are a whole range of benefits to distance learning study.

You will gain valuable transferable skills such as planning, research and self-motivation and the courses can provide a fast-track to advancing your career while you continue working.

The flexible courses mean you can choose when and how you study so you can work around other commitments.

Benefits of distance learning courses

Easier transition 

If you’ve been out of education for a while, a distance learning course can help you to get back into learning and offers an easier transition than classroom environment. 

Start any time 

Distance learning courses aren’t tied to academic terms, so you don’t have to wait until September. You can start any time!  

Boost your CV 

If you’re looking for a new job, studying a distance learning course can enhance your CV and show prospective employers that you are pro-active about your development. 

More choice 

There’s a vast choice of distance learning courses compared to traditional classroom based courses which require a minimum number of students to run. 

Easy way to learn 

Distance learning courses are split into bite-sized sections, so learning is more flexible and information is easier to absorb.  

Be proactive 

Invest in your own development by studying a distance learning course. You never know where it might take you! 

Create your own timetable 

Choose the hours you want to study and where you want to study. 

No travel expenses 

By studying distance learning you can save money on travel costs to and from college. 

Less stress 

A distance learning course allows you to progress at your own pace and revisit informationuntil you feel confident that you know it. 

Live your best life! 

Keep a healthy family and social life while studying by fitting distance learning around your existing commitments. 


of adult learners agree that teaching on their course is good.*

*SC On-programme Survey 2018, students aged 19+

Top tips for distance learning students:

Be organised. Organise study time to fit around your lifestyle and other commitments. Plan a weekly study schedule and be realistic about everyday life impacting on your schedule.

Be self-disciplined. Try and keep to your study plan so your work stays on track. Check your submission dates for when your workbook / assignment deadline is due so you keep progressing.

Be productive. Make the most of the time you allocate to your studies by keeping focused, removing any distractions and having a dedicated space for studying.

Be self-motivated. Keep visualising your end goal to stay motivated. It could be a better quality of life, access to more career opportunities or expanding your skills and gaining new knowledge.

Look after yourself. Make sure you make time for family and friends and to relax and unwind. It’s super important to take a break and prioritise your health and wellbeing.

Reasons to study as an adult:

  • To get back into education or gain a qualification
  • To learn a new skill or keep your mind active
  • To meet new friends or develop an interest
  • To progress your career or embark on a new one
  • To achieve a lifelong ambition or take on a new challenge