Course Type / Attendance

Full Time

Subject Area


Start Date


Course Length

2 years




16-18 Year Olds



Course Level


Award to be received

Extended Certificate (A-Level equivalent)

Regulatory Body


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Who is this course for?

  • Students completing their BTEC Nationals in Applied Psychology will be aiming to go on to employment, or higher education
  • Students interested in developing their practical and technical skills in a hands-on way
  • Students able to do exams, but like being able to back this up with coursework
  • Students willing to work hard in and out of lessons to develop skills compatible with the course
  • Students who enjoy Science and basic Maths

What do you need to apply for the course?

You will need five GCSEs at grades 5-9, including English Language.

What are the key things you'll learn?

Year One

Unit 1:-You will study 4 different approaches in Psychology and apply them to real life issues linked to gender, aggression and business – this will then be examined in June.  These approaches are:  cognitive – the study of information processing; biological – the study of how genes, chemicals and brain structure affects behaviour; learning approach – classical and operant conditioning alongside social learning theory and finally the social approach – how we are influenced by what others do.

Unit 2:-You will also learn about research methods and will develop the skills of a researcher, including how to gather data using methods available to psychologists, how to analyse the data and how to ensure that it is all done scientifically.  This unit is internally assessed and will consist of a series of assignments designed to let you show your knowledge of the research process.

How you will learn

One unseen exam paper on Unit 1 in the first year and one on Unit 3 in the second year.  One internally assessed unit in the first year and a second the following year.

Where could this course take you?

This qualification carries UCAS points and is recognised by higher education providers as contributing to admission requirements to many relevant courses, if taken alongside a programme of learning alongside other level 3 qualifications

What costs will you incur?

No costs involved